Magelia WebStore

Products & Services

Products & Services

Create elaborate products and services, then manage them with ease.

Whether you are selling ten or tens of thousands, Magelia Webstore offers you allows you to easily manage sites' products and services!

  • Easily create multi-variant products, downloadable products, and bundles

    Create unlimited product attributes and assign them to your products.

  • Personalized products

    Offer internet shoppers the possibility to add their initials, a photo, or any other personalized signature to your products. The extensible data model via XML in Magelia WebStore lets you do it.

    Personalized products
  • Share, like, tweet and pin-it

    Share, like, tweet and pin-it

    Create a social website by adding links to your favorite social networks to your product pages. Magelia WebStore's service-oriented architecture leaves you free to create a site (front-office) without any constraints.

  • Manage inventory

    Manage inventory for your products. Advanced features proposed in the Professional and Entreprise Editions of Magelia WebStore facilitate inventory updates (inventory import/export features, bulk update screen).

  • Cross-selling and up-selling

    Out of the box, Magelia WebStore proposes cross and upselling features in order to increase the size of the average shopping cart.

  • Coming soon! Sell your products on Facebook, Google shopping, etc.

    Magelia plans to propose data export formats adapted to Google Shopping, Facebook, etc. in a future release.

    Coming soon! Sell your products on Facebook, Google shopping, etc.