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Magelia - About us

Magelia WebStore was created by e-commerce experts and “.NET digital natives” to provide rich, extensible e-commerce software for medium to large businesses and solution integrators.

Magelia WebStore is the result of ten years of e-commerce experience and projects for major international companies, startups, and SMEs struggling to develop international e-commerce software.

With a team of e-commerce experts, SEO/SEM professionals, .NET developers, art directors, UX and ergonomics specialists, and online shoppers, we always maintain to focus on your needs :

  • You, the online shopper who simply wants an intuitive e-commerce experience ;
  • You, the brand manager who wishes to integrate content, social networks and e-commerce features to provide your customers with a complete, full-immersion into the e-commerce experience ;
  • You, the developer and system integrator who will quickly build scalable, reliable and extensible e-commerce websites without forking the software ;
  • You, the .NET enthusiast and member of the .NET community who will help make Magelia WebStore better with your feedback, extensions, and support.

It takes 5 minutes to install the software and 5 more to deploy the provided e-commerce sample shop.

Try it and tell us how to make it better, easier, and more appealing to you and your online customers.

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