Magelia WebStore

International support and Localizations Management

International support and Localizations Management

Go Global !

Languages, currencies, taxes, delivery, Magelia WebStore was designed with the international seller in mind.

  • An innately international solution

    Why limit yourself to a national market when you can sell your products worldwide?

    With Magelia WebStore, go global but at your own pace by progressively adding new countries, languages, and built-in currencies.

    An innately international solution
  • Speak their language and boost your sales!

    Speak their language and boost your sales!

    Many e-commerce solutions only allow a single language per country.

    With Magelia WebStore, offer a site in English and in Spanish in the United States, a site in English and French in Canada, a site in Traditional and Simplified Chinese in China, etc.

  • Show prices in local currencies

    Define currencies by catalog in Magelia WebStore and manage prices of your products in each currency. Because it's much simpler and intuitive to shop in one's own currency.
    *To sell in multiple denominations, you may need to contact your bank and verify that they accept foreign currency.

  • International rules and taxes

    International rules and taxes

    When selling abroad, tax rules can be complex.

    Magelia WebStore lets you define multiple taxes and precise tax zones.

  • International Shipping

    You sell in the U.S. but do you ship to Hawaii or Alaska?

    You sell to Spain, but do you ship to the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta, or Melilla?

    With Magelia WebStore, manage international shipping zones and exceptions with precision.

    International Shipping
  • Countries, regions, currencies already included

    Out-of the box, Magelia WebStore includes countries, regions to which each country belongs, currencies, and languages spoken for the entire world.

    You have nothing to worry about, just define the ones that you want to use for your store.