WebStore Professional Edition

  • Our Powerful Professional Software
  • Designed for Medium to Large Businesses
  • includes advanced features (content management, roles and profiles)
  • and Professional support


Grow your e-commerce operations to the next level with Magelia WebStore Professional

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2 990 € /Year

Magelia WebStore Professional features at a Glance :

  • Online Support (5 tickets per year)
  • Multi-stores environment
  • Advanced content Management features
  • Extended products and catalogs range : up to 5 catalogs and 5000 products
  • Advanced roles and profile management
  • Manage inventory of multiple locations (up to 5 warehouses or physical stores).
  • tier-pricing + prices and inventory bulk edit screens
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These features are also present in the Enterprise Edition.

Compare Magelia WebStore Editions

Community Edition
Community Edition
Professional Edition
Professional Edition
Enterprise Edition
Enterprise Edition
Highlights for all Magelia WebStore Editions
Rich catalogue and product management tools Define product types and attributes, create bundles and products with variants, and more.
Advanced marketing tools Powerful promotion engine, customer segments definition, etc.
Manage inventory, taxes, and shipping with ease Multiple taxes, precise shipping zone definitions, management of territorial exceptions, etc.
Flexible SEO-friendly e-commerce engine Target internet and mobile shoppers with an open-source device-independent solution. Customize your store for smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc.
Built-in international e-commerce ready Multi-language & multi-currency for international shoppers.
Powerful order management tools Manage order status, order versions, comments on orders, and more.
Advanced .NET technologies and services .NET 4.5, WCF, Open Data Protocol, Autofac, Nugetdata, etc.
Features only available in Professional and Enterprise Editions
Online Support Services Personalized assistance for Magelia WebStore: installation, configuration, functionality, and optimization, as well as other technical issues. Std. support (5 tickets)
Priority unltd.
Expanded user permissions and profile managements
Advanced content management Fully integrated content management engine. Create content types and enrich built-in e-commerce objects with additional content.
Bulk edit screens for tier-pricing, prices, and inventory
Multiple store compatibility 1 store 5 stores
Multi vendor environment 1 seller 1 seller Option
Manage inventory of multiple locations Warehouses or physical stores. 1 warehouse 5 warehouses
Multi-tier & web farm support
Max. number of products 500 5000
Max. number of catalogues 1 5
Cloud storage support