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Magelia WebStore - Architecture

Magelia WebStore - Technology

Magelia WebStore Services layer gives access to the e-commerce catalogs, categories and products, Shopping cart, inventories, orders and so on. WebStore web services are accessible from any http client (, php or java websites, smartphones (Iphone IOS, Android, etc.) or tablets).

You can easily access these services using :

  • WCF for the interactions with Magelia Core
  • ODATA (). OData relies on HTTP, Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub) and JSON.
    ODATA is a web protocol created for querying and updating data and sharing it easily with other systems. This new standard protocol eases the creation and access of lists of products included in a catalog or category, detailed descriptions of products and so on.

Magelia WebStore includes several Application Tiers: services, Administration console (back-office) and a Scheduler.
Designed for scalability, Magelia WebStore Application Tiers can be distributed on several servers and an application tier can be hosted on various servers.
Magelia WebStore relies on Microsoft SQL Server Database and is compatible with SQL Express 2005 or above.
The technical Architecture of WebStore will implement an easy extensibility framework. The future modular architecture will dynamically allow overrides for WorkerComponent behavior by uploading modules. For instance, if the standard behavior for tax calculation does not meet your requirements, you will be able to override the standard worker component by implementing your own rules.

Magelia WebStore is built around core software and application tiers that rely on this core software.
Application Tiers include:

  • Administration panel
  • Services layer
  • Scheduler
  • SCALABILITY : Application tiers can be distributed on servers for scalability
  • DATABASE: the core software relies on SQL Server database (SQL express 2005 or above)
  • Websites, Phones and tablets applications or websites: Magelia provides a technical architecture that publishes services that can be accessed by any http client such as, php or java websites and smartphone interfaces (IPhone IOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.)
  • Third party .NET software integration: Integration with other third party software, which are compliant with the membership provider, is easy. Magelia WebStore offers a membership provider that uses the web service implementation.
  • EXTENSIBILITY: the technical architecture is designed to be easily extended using component overriding.